Shipping policy

Thank you for your trust in Oyungari.

We can deliver worldwide.


Transportation time:

After you pay for the order, we will send it out as soon as possible. Shipping time is generally 20-25 days.


Tax Description:

After your order arrives in your country, it may be affected by tariffs, resulting in an additional cost, the seller will not bear the corresponding cost, and all costs will be borne by the buyer.


Shipping Policy for Returns and Exchanges:

If we receive the item in good condition, we will return it for you within 3 business days.

If the package you received is damaged or defective, please send us a feedback email as soon as possible

file, our email address is:


You need to send us your order number and pictures of the product's condition, and we will do our best to solve the problem for you according to the specific situation. If you have other questions, please email us.